Recommended Instrumentation Cables Construction for Offshore Oil and Gas Industries

Typical Instrumentation Cable Construction for Offshore

Tinned annealed copper conductor according to IEC 60228 cl. 2
HF-EPR according to IEC 60092-351
Thickness as per IEC 60092-376
Screen (Individual & Overall for Analog Signal Cable, Overall only for Digital Signal Cable)
Aluminum / Polyester tape, copper drain wire according to IEC 60092-350
Thickness as per IEC 60092-376
Inner and Outer Sheath
thermosetting Halogen-free SHF2 according to IEC 60092-359
Thickness as per IEC 60092-376
Galvanized Steel Wire Braid (GSWB) according to IEC 60092-350
Voltage Rating
150 V/250 V (300 V) according to IEC 60092-376
Exposure to Fire
Flame Retardant (for general service) according to IEC 60332
Fire Resistant (for critical system) according to IEC 60331
Low smoke emission according to IEC 61034
Halogen Free emission according to IEC 60092-350
Environment Condition
Water, oil, UV, & gas/vapor tight resistant


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